Start 2019 with Financial Awareness

  1. Credit reports can alert you to judgments against you.
  2. Credit reports can alert you to mistakes on your credit record.
  3. Credit reports contain the names and addresses of collection agencies representing creditors.
  4. You can dispute what you see on the credit report.
  5. If the IRS has a tax lien on your property, the credit report will alert you.
  6. Credit reports alert you to Identity theft and Fraud.
  7. Credit reports alert you to people who are co-signers and authorized users on your report.
  8. For people who have filed a Bankruptcy in thepast:

Knowing what is on your credit report can help you get credit approval for important purchases after your debts are discharged.

Not every creditor reports debts to credit bureau, so your credit report will not list all debts. This is especially true when it comes to Medical Bills.

Sherry Ellis