Bankruptcy Client’s First Five Dollar Bill he earned:

A distinguished elderly gentleman who had led an exciting life in show business walked into my office.  He was retired now, on a fixed income with medical bills and living expenses.  The residuals he had been receiving from affiliates in Chicago were dwindling. He felt terrible but knew Bankruptcy was the only option to ease…


People talk openly about financial and economic problems, but there is little open discussion about the toll financial hardship can take on a person’s health. Financial stress is a leading cause of depression and other significant health issues, both mental and physical. The toll financial stress takes on a person often is not outwardly visible and can silently intensify.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida has a page titled, “Emotional Support.” Visit their website for a list of services that may help you through these difficult times. http://www.flmb.uscourts.gov/support/


Inside March 2017’s Florida Bar Journal, covering “Pro Bono in Florida,” U.S. Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida Catherine Peek McEwen speaks about the ‘Baskin-Robbins of Law’ and

our Middle District ranking in Bankruptcy Filings and Florida’s special mortgage modification mediation program under Ch. 13 that is so successful. The Judge points out how this  Mortgage Modification Program in Chapter 13, helps the elderly. https://floridabar.org/DIVCOM/JN/JNJournal01.nsf/8c9f13012b96736985256aa900624829/658c82d4c1ed6c41852580ce00542989?OpenDocument


I have had an unusually high number of clients contacting me due to losing their job after a car accident they were involved in

Loss of Job, health or spouse are the major reasons people need to file a Bankruptcy. Three different people I spoke with suffered from a terrible car accident where they injured by another driver texting and driving.  The aftermath can be devasting.  It’s a good reminder for all of us.