Sherry Ellis
This is the time of year when Debtors like to use their tax refunds to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  It is also the time of the year that your Bankruptcy attorney should inform you that if you file Bankruptcy before receiving your Tax Refund
Actions have been taken as reported by the FTC: CFPB and FTC Take Actions Against TransUnion for Illegal Rental Background Check and Credit Reporting Practices Credit reporting conglomerate to pay $23 million for tenant screening and security freeze failures
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the administrator and primary enforcer of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Holding debt collectors accountable for false statements is part of what they do. If a debt collector has given you false information and/or violated the Fair Debt
According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Report your lost or stolen card or PIN within two business days of when you discover it is missing, so you limit your losses to $50 or less, no matter how much is charged to your card. Let’s