Bad things happen to good people – Is it a cliche’?

I used this sentence while chatting with another Attorney and their remark was a a sarcastic chuckle, “Such a cliche’, don’t ever say that Sherry!” Later that evening I looked at various definitions of the word cliche’. One of the definitions was – a cliche’ is a lack of original thought. Well someone had to of thought it in order to say it, right? And what prompts us to formulate a thought? Perhaps an experience? Another definition described a cliche’ as a stereotype, over generalization. I believe this to be true, after all, bad things also happen to bad people. But, the next time someone tells you their home is no longer standing after a storm, their property insurance is too high given their SS income, they were scammed by a tele marketer, lost their job, lost their health insurance, was hit by a drunk driver and is now 100 percent disabled with a family of five, ask yourself, is the term, “Bad things happen to good people always a cliche?”

Sherry Ellis