Bankruptcy-it does not discriminate

Financial trouble, disasters, recessions, theft, job loss, and health issues can hit anyone at anytime. Feeling hopeless or isolated and apart from society can compound the issue. These feelings can prevent us from getting a fresh start and moving forward. Here are a few people who filed for relief, you may be surprised.

Author Samuel Clemens – “Mark Twain”

Pop Star Michael Jackson

David Crosby

Actor Stephen Baldwin

Bjorn Borg

Singer Toni Braxton

Actress Kim Bassinger

Baseball player Jose Conseco

Francis Ford Coppola

Abraham Lincoln

Dorothy Hamill – Gold Medal Skater

Nicholas Cage

Singer Natalie Cole

Johnny Unitas – Football Hall of Fame

Sprinter Marion Jones

Child star Gary Coleman

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Milton Hershey – Founder Hershey’s

H.J. Heinz – Founder Heinz

Sherry Ellis