What You Should Know from AARP scammer experts: • Scammers will set up fake websites or mobile apps that mimic those of known and trusted retailers, and offer items at a fraction of the usual cost. Their hope is you won’t notice the red flags
I like the ability to help people who are hurting financially and deserve a fresh start. I enjoy being able to help the person who has been beaten down, gets up and gets beaten down again robots. Psychologically, once an uncontrollable devastating event happens to
-Destroy or shred documents that include personal information before disposing of them -Password-protect your computer and other devices, and use anti-virus software change passwords often -Use caution when sharing account numbers and personal information online or over the phone -Beware of phishing phone calls or
-Bills that do not arrive as expected -Unexpected credit cards or account statements -Denials of credit that you did not apply for -Calls or letters about purchases you did not make -Charges on your financial statements that you don’t recognize -Incorrect information on your credit
Identity thieves steal information in several ways, such as: -Digging through trash cans and other places to find documents that contain credit card numbers, account numbers, Social Security Numbers and other personal information -Retrieving information from lost or discarded computer equipment, mobile phones and PDAs,
A woman walked into my office and described her student loan nightmare as a ball and chain on her leg for 20 years. She is not only lugging around the growing student loan debt and getting collection calls every day, but she told me the