Are you in debt? Looking to protect assets? don't know where to turn? How can a professional help you noodle through things?

Looking at your options:
If you have debt or assets you want to protect, an experienced attorney can help you explore all of your options.  The individual facts of your case may encompass many strategies that can help you avoid filing a bankruptcy. 
If other options are available, we will flesh it out and decide the direction best for you. If bankruptcy is the best alternative now or later, we can discuss the law, timing, your choices, avenues to explore and how to proceed.
Bankruptcy is the caboose or last resort.
Clients often find themselves in a unique predicament and they don’t know what to do.  Let’s face it, financial hardship  is not a topic generally discussed on Facebook, at the water cooler and with your neighbor.  So when my clients encounter these problems it’s foreign to them.  Usually it’s the first time they are confronted with this, some have never had to see a lawyer.  They really don’t know where to turn.
I use an eclectic systemic approach.:
Financial issues usually don’t happen over night and it may take assistance from different disciplines to guide you.  This approach is efficient and cost effective for the client.  I am not going to waste your resources re-inventing the wheel when I can direct you to someone who can get the job done.
The old adage rings true, “It’s who you know.” Your needs may require different professionals and I can put you in contact with them and even work with them.  Often times divorce attorneys and CPA’s have a client who requires collaboration and I consult them.
 An Attorney is a Counselor at Law. We are to counsel. Putting people  in touch with the right professional, the right organizations and supplying them with helpful resources is important.

Sherry Ellis Law, PLLC