Elder financial exploitation is prevalent in Florida serious

If you suspect a family member has taken advantage of you financially it’s important to at least fill out an incident report with your local police or sheriff department. This is very difficult to do for many people but this way you have reported it and you have a record. Things to look out for:

Unfamiliar Charges on your credit cards

A family members name appears as a co-signor on your checking account without your permission.

A family member wants you to appoint them as your Power of Attorney. This may or may not be perfectly legit, however, ask them why, what for and get a second opinion.

I tell all my clients who receive social security to keep it pure and in a account by itself. Have it direct deposited into the account. Do not taint it by co mingling monies. Have the bank label it your SS account. These monies are typically exempt from creditors and protected, so it’s best to keep them that way.


Sherry Ellis