Fifty Shades of Bankruptcy


Thinking of filing for Bankruptcy? Let me guess, you have probably worked hard your entire life. You have always paid your bills, paid Uncle Sam and you have lived your life doing the right thing. You have slowly or suddenly hit a wall. Maybe due to a divorce, loss of job, home or health. Are you feel- ing alone and afraid to reach out for legal remedies?
In my seventeen years of practicing Bankruptcy Law, there were very few clients who woke up excited and looking forward to calling a Bankruptcy Attorney. Most of the time, it’s a dreadful realization for folks and an extremely difficult process just getting to the point of filing a Bankruptcy.People often feel isolated, ashamed and apart from the rest of society. This feeling often prevents folks from getting a fresh start in life. Even though we are all unique, filing Bankruptcy is a fact of life. There are folks who have faced similar challenges in their life and faced financial hurdles they could not overcome.

Author Samuel Clemens – “Mark Twain”
Pop Star Michael Jackson
David Crosby
Actor Stephen Baldwin
Bjorn Borg
Singer Toni Braxton
Actress Kim Bassinger Baseball player Jose Conseco Francis Ford Coppola Abraham Lincoln
Dorothy Hamill – Gold Medal Skater
ActorNicholas Cage
Singer Natalie Cole
Johnny Unitas – Football Hall of Fame
Sprinter Marion Jones
Child star Gary Coleman
Milton Hershey – Founder Her- shey’s
H.J. Heinz – Founder Heinz MC Hammer
Wayne Newton
Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson Actor Don Johnson
Singer Marvin Gaye
Talk Show Host Larry King = Singer Cindi Lauper
Mick Fleetwood – Fleetwood Mac Walt Disney
Actor Randy Quaid
Burt Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds
Mickey Rooney
PT Barnum
Senator George McGovern
Tia Carrere
Tom Petty
Dionne Warwick Ed McMahon Henry Ford
Anna Nicole Smith Donald Trump Bob Guccione Andy Gibb
William Fox George Clinton Gary Busey Anita Bryant Mike Tyson Natalie Cole Robin Williams Zsa Zsa Gabor
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