Florida Median Family Income

Census Bureau Median Family Income by Family Size
State of Florida

Effective on or after May 1, 2014

Family Size Annual Median Income
1 earner $41,939
2 people $52,598
3 people $54,742
4 people $64,122
5 people $72,222
6 people $80,322
7 people $88,422
8 people $96,522

To determine if you fall above or below the annual median income allowed, calculate your annual median income by taking the last six (6) months gross income and multiply by two.
The revised bankruptcy rules require Debtors use their “household” income. This means, if you are filing without your spouse, we must still calculate your spouses’ last six months income in the Means Test. However, we also get to include your spouse’s household expenses and this would include your spouse’s credit card payments, vehicle payments, etc.
YOU control when you file and which six (6) months of gross income you report. For example, if you choose to file in December, you will be required to report the gross income you received from May 1 through November 30.

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