Having a Bankruptcy client referred by a former client is wonderful and I will tell you why…

Legal consumers these days are more informed through the internet, more connected than ever and they can afford to be picky in who they hire. One in five legal consumers believe with enough time they can harness the knowledge and expertise of a trained lawyer. Yellow book ads are rare these days and research shows, advertising on TV and the radio is less important to the bankruptcy consumer than consumer reviews and most importantly those who gets referrals from friends and family.

Now, consumers and business owners, big and small, are faced with the financial challenges as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. The stigma associated with filing a Bankruptcy is nothing like it was in the past. Yes, consumers are more informed and can choose to be picky when it comes to who they want to represent them in their Bankruptcy, so I am honored when I receive a phone call from a prospective client and they begin the conversation with “A former client of yours by the name of —- referred me to you.”

Sherry Ellis