If my Attorney was working remotely from home, I would want to ensure my Attorney was doing everything possible to have our phone conversations audible and uninterrupted.

I am currently working remotely and plan on installing a landline soon. Cell phones are tricky for a number of reasons. First, I am a little leery of how protected those calls are. Have you ever been talking on your cell phone and all the sudden you hear another conversation? Secondly, cell phones are not always clear, they sound gargled, the volume is not adjusted, there is background noise, if a party is using the speaker phone feature, not only can it be annoying but there is often an echo. Thirdly, cell phone calls can be dropped. Have you ever been on the phone in a lengthy important emotional conversation and suddenly you realize the person on the other end isn’t even there? The current strain on phone lines/internet and the number of people working remotely has caused new challenges for talking with clients on the phone.

Sherry Ellis