How do you know you're being scammed?

Common Warning Signs of Scams
What are the signs to look for?
A company that guarantees it can remove your unsecured debt or promises that unsecured debts can be paid off with pennies on the dollar
A company that claims using its system will let you avoid bankruptcy
A company that requires upfront fees in excess of $50
A company that requires you to pay monthly fees in excess of $40 per month
A company that tells you to stop communicating with your creditors
A debt management company that does not provide you with a monthly accounting showing payments made to your creditors
A company that tells you creditors never sue consumers for non-payment of unsecured debt
A company that promises using its system will have no negative impact on your credit report or that it can remove accurate negative information from your credit report
A company promising to create new credit history
A company claiming to represent your credit card’s “card services” or “account services” departments
A company claiming to work for one the credit reporting bureaus
A company that does not require you to sign a written contract
A company that does not have a refund and cancellation policy
If you decide to work with a debt relief company, be sure to check it out with your state Attorney General, local consumer protection agency and the Better Business Bureau. They can tell you if any consumer complaints are on file about the firm you’re considering doing business with. Also, ask your state Attorney General if the company is required to be licensed to work in your state and, if so, whether it is.
From Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi

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