So many clients ask me what I think of Debt relief and debt consolodation agencys:

When people are in debt, they are often vulnerable and looking for relief. This mindset can be easily taken advantage of by Debt Relief Scams.
Before entering into an agreement with a debt settlement company, read the contract beginning to end.  Ask questions. Contact Pam Bondi’s office and inquire if the agency is reputable and legit.   Be informed on:
Where your money goes, what does it pay?
Are there monthly fees, how much and why?
What happens to your debt while you are paying in money to the agency? Is the creditor notified?  Will the creditor be able to communicate with you directly? Can they still suit you? What happens if you are unable to deposit enough money to pay all the debt?
Do you get your money refunded if you choose to file Bankruptcy?
Will you be given a 1099-C for any debt forgiven in a settlement?
I hear all too often that a person has paid hard earned money to an agency thinking that those monies will pay off their debt and they come to find out, that is not the case. My immediate goal is to try to get the monies paid into the agency, refunded to the client.
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