More and more teachers are having to retire due to covid

If you are a teacher or know someone who is, you have probably heard how they are on the front lines day in and day out coming into close contact with students, staff members and family members of their students. They love their jobs, it is in their blood but they are scared and not willing to take a risk that could to lead to their death. What I am experiencing currently are questions such as: Is my retirement protected? What happens to my pension? Will the Bankruptcy court deny my case because I elected to leave my teaching position? Will I get in trouble? All these worries are legit and you have every right to feel conflicted and you have evry right to receive answers to your questions. Bankruptcy is a constitutional right since 1880. It is here for times like these. People often tell me they feel ashamed, I understand where that feeling comes from but without these Bankruptcy Laws, America would not be what it is today. Please call me for a free consultation.

Sherry Ellis