Obama Pay as you Earn Repayment Plan (PAYE)

There are changes coming in addition to Obama’s June executive order.  PAYE was passed by the President in 2012.  It has evolved and now there are more proposed changes  The proposed 2015 budget contains restrictions you may not be aware of.  If you do not qualify for PAYE there are other income based repayment plans being offered out there.  But where does a person go to find out what is really going on?
I searched for different plans on google and called some of the programs to research the options they provided. The information I received was not what I was searching for. The three suggestions I have for people wanting to get the facts on what is available currently and what may be available in 2016 are:
1.  Call the Financial Aid Office where you went to School. Strike up a conversation with the Department Head and ask if they have a blog, information or anything to share to help you strategize and get informed on the issue.  Visit their web site.
2.  Visit the blog student loan ranger.  The blog provides easy to understand explanations and computations.
3. Visit the White House Blog.

Sherry Ellis Law, PLLC