I often hear "I've exhausted my retirement funds and all my savings."

  • While taking care of my sick relative
  • When the company I worked for shut down and I needed living expenses
  • When I had to go up North and take care of my Mother and lost my job
  • When I could no longer afford my medicine
  • When I was let go and did not have health insurance
  • When the company I worked for 25 years went Bankrupt.
  • When my spouse left and I could to make it on one income with children
  • When I was bit by a recluse spider and was in the hospital and out of work for 6 months.
  • When I got divorced  my spouse got our car and he  was to take over the car payments and he defaulted on the payments and it was repossessed, My name was on the loan and they are suing me now.

Call me for a free consultation — 941-363-0800 — or another professional who can guide you through which of your assets are protected and when.  You want to be steered in the right direction.  Get educated ahead of time on how to manage your finances and life when you think something out of your control is going to happen to you in near future. It sounds  probably sounds backwards to you and goes against your grain but it is your constitutional right to work towards a FRESH START.

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