People consider hiring a Bankruptcy attorney when they are in financial trouble, about to experience financial trouble or have experienced financial trouble in the past. So Bankruptcy clients come to me when they are under a great deal of stress and unsure what their options may be. One of the major stressors is the cost of filing a Bankruptcy.

Cost is a huge stressor, this is why fixed fee or flat rate billing is so appealing to my clients. By having a flat rate fee, my clients know what to expect, and they know whether or not they can handle that expectation. After all, they are already under water. I believe being clear about case milestones is extremely important. I tell my clients that talking to them about Bankruptcy is like talking in a foreign language. I give them a folder of information and resources to go to for help and understanding. I share videos that will help them understand the process and the differences between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Identifying specific tasks and costs associated with each milestone, can be helpful. I break things down into digestible steps, I have a time line with numbered steps. This way I do my best to turn an overwhelming situation into something my clients can better understand, handle and feel less stressed.

Sherry Ellis