The people who live in my filing cabinet drawers.

 I took inventory of all the files in my cabinets. I have filed approximately 1300 Bankruptcy cases. I have sat and talked with many more.   In my mind, those files in my cabinet are people and some of the names and contents are forever etched in my mind. Their are files I will hold on to forever and yes, there are a few I was relieved to close.
I called a few to say hello and see how they are doing. I guess like any profession, there are people we connect with more than others.  I value what I have learned from my clients, the good, the bad, the ugly.  I have developed friendships with some of them.  Others have passed away. A handful have come back to file again due to a serious illness, divorce or car accident.  Many and I say most of them, have gone on to reinvent their business’s and I love seeing them advertise, grow and nourish themselves along with our community.  When I see a former client’s new business booming I want to tell people, “They went through a tragic ordeal years ago and look at them now!” but I can’t.

Most lawyers I know genuinely care about their clients and they work very, very hard. I am usually offended when other lawyers tell jokes demeaning our profession. I consider it to be a great honor to practice law and help people.  We can do for people what they need and things they can’t do on their own.  My client’s educate me and enrich my life in ways no one else can.

Sherry Ellis Law, PLLC