Our United States Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida has a section with resources on where to go for emotional support. Visit www.flmb.uscourts.gtov/support/ Community Resources: Statewide United Way The Heart of Florida United Way provides help to people in need through its Community Resource Line.
Cost is a huge stressor, this is why fixed fee or flat rate billing is so appealing to my clients. By having a flat rate fee, my clients know what to expect, and they know whether or not they can handle that expectation. After all,
Financial trouble, disasters, recessions, theft, job loss, and health issues can hit anyone at anytime. Feeling hopeless or isolated and apart from society can compound the issue. These feelings can prevent us from getting a fresh start and moving forward. Here are a few people
Based on 15 years of practice and hearing what my clients have to share, my answer is yes. The same answer goes for people who ask me if it is easier to recover, get a fresh start and bounce back. 15 years ago it may