It is summer.  It is hot.  Look around Sarasota and you’ll see some of the business’s are slow without the tourists here now and without some streets to navigate to the business’s.  Michelle is a web master she infuses me with motivation every time we
Did you know that 40% of the small business that close due to natural disasters do not recover?  If you were in Florida 2004-2005, you remember how the storms and hurricanes destroyed homes, buildings and business’s all over the State. Be prepared the best you can.
SB 766 went into effect yesterday: This Bill prohibits the use of aerial drones to capture images that could infringe on the privacy of property owners or occupants. This does NOT include agencies countering the risk of terrorist attacks, police who obtain search warrants, property
The Supreme Court overturned state bans on gay marriage in a 5-4 ruling Friday, holding the Fourteenth Amendment requires states to license marriages between same- sex couples. Still to be decided are closely watched rulings involving congressional redistricting and power plant emissions. Whatever decisions don’t
The Florida House legislation session ended early due to budget conflicts with the Senate and one of the bills left behind was the 7 year effort to deal more efficiently with the mentally ill in our criminal justice system.  Close to 20 percent of those