You may want to think twice next time you are at the pump.  The average gasoline credit card charges 24 percent interest.  Weigh the benefits you receive at the pump vs. the interest rate charged on your gas card.
FIFTY SHADES OF BANKRUPTCY Sherry Ellis Law, LLC. March 13, 2015 941-363-0800 (Sarasota Office) 941-488-4889 (Venice Office) Thinking of filing for Bankruptcy? Let me guess, you have probably worked hard your entire life. You have always paid your bills, paid Uncle Sam and you have
They are all over Sarasota and Manatee County.  Who is responsible for them?  Who is the lender on the mortgage loan?  Who is on the Title?  Why isn’t it being foreclosed on and taken back by the bank!  Why are these homes just sitting there
Common Warning Signs of Scams What are the signs to look for? A company that guarantees it can remove your unsecured debt or promises that unsecured debts can be paid off with pennies on the dollar A company that claims using its system will let
3000 people and 14 million dollars in 50 states has been handed to IRS scammers through credit cards numbers.  Do not give your credit card number out to an unknown caller even IRS.