By Sara Murray | Wall Street Journal | January 7, 2010 Personal bankruptcies soared last year in Western states hit hardest by the real-estate bust. In states such as California, Arizona and Nevada, where housing prices soared and then collapsed during the past decade, consumer
By Susan Taylor Martin | St. Petersburg Times | December 1, 2009 It’s official. The number of Tampa Bay residents declaring bankruptcy is at an all-time high. In the fiscal year that ended in September, 28,504 individuals and businesses sought protection from creditors in the
Many people are unable to make their mortgage payments these days to no fault of their own. Some are experience a loss of job, health spouse or higher mortgage rates, property taxes, home owner dues. There is little sense in having people without a home
Our firm strongly recommends that each of our clients filing for bankruptcy obtains a credit report for the reasons listed below.  If you are married, we recommend obtaining credit reports for both you and your spouse. Obtaining the credit report helps us get accurate creditor
In years past, bankruptcy filings were mainly due to a loss of job, a loss of health or a  loss of spouse due to death or divorce. This year Bankruptcy filings have doubled in our district. This increase in filings is in large part due
By Todd Ruger | Sarasota Herald Tribune | February 10, 2009 Law firms seeking to foreclose on homes in Manatee and Sarasota counties will have to show up in person for all hearings starting in March, Chief Judge Lee Haworth ordered Monday. The new rules
Source: West Coast Woman, 2007 Everyone from small business people to manufacturers, truckers, builders, laborers, realtors, mtg broker, homeowners, renters and investors are affected as a result of the downturn in the home building industry. There are a few alternatives available to avoid defaults and