All of a sudden, I didn’t have a job, and I couldn’t pay my mortgage. After consulting with several local attorneys, I found myself in the offices of Sherry Ellis. From the get-go, she assured me that everything was going to be fine, informing me in detail of my available options. I left that initial meeting feeling better than I had in months.

When I was served a summons, I contacted her and again she went over my options. I made the decision to stay in my home and try to work something out with the lender. Ms. Ellis guided me each step of the way. That helped me look for employment and I was able to hold on to the savings I had for food, gas and other necessities.

After countless hours trying to come a meeting of the minds with my mortgage lender, I decided to file a bankruptcy, and possibly do a mortgage modification mediation through the bankruptcy court. I ended up doing the bankruptcy, and like Ms. Ellis warned me all along, the bank did not follow through and complete the foreclosure. I was stuck on the Title to the house. Thankfully, Ms. Ellis was again able to provide me with a list of options. I chose to do a short sale. She put me in contact with a person who found a willing and eager buyer within 24 hours!

Sherry has provided me with the resources, alternatives and contacts so I could manage my life again. Her guidance these past 5 years — before, during, and after bankruptcy — has been invaluable.