The Hardest Phone Call You'll Ever Make

Picking up the phone to call a Bankruptcy Attorney is painstakingly difficult for most people. When people come to my office for a free consultation, they sit down and say, “I can’t believe I am sitting here!”
People that come to see me usually fall into two camps. Both camps have worked hard their entire life, paid their bills, taxes, possibly fought for our country and want to do the right thing. Given the rise in Bankruptcy filings the word of mouth has gotten out and people are more apt to be proactive than they were in the past.
One camp is those folks who are not late on a single payment and have a perfect credit score. They want to pay their Mortgage, Home equity line, credit cards and Medical bills but will not hang on for very long. They are at a fork in the road, when do they fish OR cut bait? How does one do this? It feels so unnatural not to pay bills.
The other camp involves people that have found it too painful to even call an attorney for help. They have been putting off addressing debt issues for a while in hope that things will turn around for them. They may have exhausted their IRA’s, retirement funds, children’s college funds, liquidated all their assets. The creditors begin to call them, default notices will arrive in their mailbox, a process server delivers a summons to their front door and they don’t have a clue where to turn or what to do next. Some fear jail.
Our Country has been inflicted with an economic virus. Florida has been hit especially hard. Who knew we would be experiencing the highest unemployment rate in 13 years; the housing crisis, rise in property taxes/insurance, the downfall of Mortgage Lenders, banks going under, gasoline going up, pensions being revoked, Medicare being reduced all at the same time.
Making the decision to get educated is liberating and scary at the same time Knowledge is power. Power is control and helps people noodle their way through a difficult economy. Making major decisions like deciding whether to fish or cut bait on your mortgage payments is mind-boggling.  Next comes the decision of how to go about it. Timing and strategy is critical. They need to know the consequence of a foreclosure, short sale, and deed in lieu of foreclosure. They need to know what property is exempt.

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