Tidewell’s Club Blue Butterfly program: Children who are grieving the death of a parent, sibling, caregiver or any one close to their hearts, now have a place to go in Sarasota, FL.

Tidewell’s Club Blue Butterfly program helps grieving children and teenagers heal. I recently attended a mental health network seminar on our Opiod Crisis and a discussion developed concerning the number of Grandparent’s that are raising their Grandchildren due to this disease of addiction.

Tidewell’s Club Blue Butterfly program is a hidden jewel.  Many of us at the seminar had never heard of the program. More than 8,000 children living in Tidewell’s four-county service area are grieving the loss of a parent, this does not even include the loss of other caretakers and special person’s in their lives.

The discussion turned to finances and the cost of raising grandchildren.  Often times, Bankruptcy is the last resort and the only resort for them.  It is increasingly common for Grandparents to call me for a Free consultation and children looking out for their Parent’s to call me for the same thing. During the recession, Parents stepped in to help their adult children and assisted by co-signing on student loan debt, Home Loans, Vehicles and even having them move back home.  Times have changed and we were all very grateful to hear of Tidewell’s Club Blue Butterfly program. Spread the word:

Visit: tidewellhospice.org


Sherry Ellis