Tips for preparing for storms and Hurricanes:

Hurricane and Storm Preparations
1.  Make a copy of the front and back of all credit cards in your wallet, drivers license, SS #, Insurance card, Financial accounts, Wills, trusts and estates, etc. Mail or email a copy to someone you trust outside of Florida or scan and email it to yourself and file it away.
2.  Have a radio and clock that will run on Batteries.  Have correct size Batteries on hand.  This applies to flashlights as well.  Before you unplug electronics, take a photo of the back and how the plugs are hooked up.  Take a snap shot of serial numbers on your computer, Internet box, iPhone’s, printers, scanners etc. Photograph any of the original boxes you have saved with this information.
3.  Place screen savers on electronic equipment.  If it is too late, use baggies.  Do you have old iPhones hanging around?
    Pull them out and charge them.
4.  Download all data on a flash drive, make a copy and mail it to a confidant in a safe area.  Email a list of phone numbers you need on hand to yourself.
5.  Pay bills now up front if you can, especially to insurance providers you use, FPL and Internet.  During Hurricane Charlie, folks lost their homes, mailboxes  and computers.  Credit Card Companies, Utility companies, cut off service, raised interest rates, etc.  You can also save a fortune on late fees.
6. Keep a list of phone numbers and passwords in writing.
7.  Download information in a file to your email account so you can access it anywhere.
8.  Purchase a battery operated cell phone charger. Use a Battery operated clock.
9.  It is normal for people to stock up on food before a Hurricane.  If you evacuated and came home, the last thing you need is to get sick on food that was in your refrigerator and spoiled during a power outage. Before you evacuate , place a cup of water with a quarter on top in the freezer.  If you return home to find the quarter at the bottom of the cup or in the middle, toss the food, it is not worth the risk.
10.  Engrave big items with your contact information, keep a list of the serial numbers on your personal property.  Items get tossed around, lost and then found, you will want to be able to identify what property is yours.
11.  With your phone camera, take a snap shot of anything of importance or sentimental value, then email it to a confidant or yourself.  Turn on ‘video’ on your phone camera and scan belongings in your home for insurance purposes and identification purposes.  Take photos of the art work and family portraits on your walls before taking down.  Take mirrors off the walls.
12.  Fill any bottles, jugs, cups, glasses with water and place in fridge and freezer.  We may lose power and water /or water may be contaminated.  Empty freezer tray – put ice in fridge make new ice.
13.  If you keep your car registration in your car, make a copy and keep inside.
       Do you know your License Plate number?  TAKE A photo.
14.  If you have food you can prepare- do it now while electric is on. Cook, Bake.
15. Comfort smells:  Place cinnamon in some water and heat it up.  It may help calm nerves, especially children.
16.  If possible, clean linens and towels now.  Wrap in plastic, place up high.  Mildew and mold are common after storms.
17.  Keep Bleach in a safe place, dilute it if you have little left.
18.  Before you leave your home write on the safest wall or in the shower stall-your name, where you will be going and your number and emergency contact.  Keep this information in your car also.
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