Two former Bankruptcy clients: Perfect credit score, Bankruptcy gave them a fresh start but they are still on the title of a home they surrendered!

Now those folks are having a terrible time trying to purchase a home.
Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Many people filed a Bankruptcy, surrendered a piece of Real Property and discharged the amount owed on the note.  They have gotten a fresh start, have a great credit score and they are ready to purchase a mortgage only to be told they are still on the Title of the Real Property and can’t get a mortgage and purchase a home!   That is because the Bank never followed through and actually foreclosed on the property, therefore it has been sitting there. And it is still sitting there titled in their name even though they surrendered it and they don’t owe any money on it.. They call these homes ZOMBIE homes.
One former client emailed Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and he advised the Attorney General’s Office that the new owner of his debt, a collection agency, refused to tell him why thy could not or would not follow through with the foreclosure process.   After Pam Bondi’s office called the company that purchased the note they immediately contacted my former client with the explanation.  It was not a plausible explanation.  This prompted him to contact me and we sorted through what really happened. He now has the peace of mind of knowing his options.

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