What I like about my Bankruptcy clients is their ability to get knocked down by life’s punches and then get up again like Rock em’ Sock ’em Robots.

Do you remember the Marx Toy back in the sixties?
This was before video games. Whether I was the Blue Bomber or the Red Rocker, I enjoyed the game because the Bomber and Rocker got right back up again. I’ve had the opportunity to meet thousands of people and listen to their beginnings all the way to present. One similar vein that I notice is their need or want to defy the odds and get back on their feet again alone without help. Typically, they will exhaust their IRA, savings account, take a second job to catch up, negotiate a judgement and towards the end sign up with a debt consolidation company in hopes of warding off a Bankruptcy. SEE a professional before you take this road more traveled than not.

Sherry Ellis